A travel diary of the second group of the AHS Rahlgasse, which experienced the real Irish autumn and had some exciting days of traveling around.
The AHS Rahlgasse will give you an insight of what they experienced on the green island and will take you on their journey exploring County Cork and Dublin City.
The BAFEP BRUCK shares some exciting experiences they had here in Cork and on their little round trip in Ireland. Part of their trip was to go to preschools for a three-days internship.
We are looking forward to meeting the BG Kirchengasse group! We have planned a nice programme filled with interesting English lessons, fun afternoon activities and a trip along the Wild Atlantic Way including Northern Ireland!
A group of students from PORG Ursulinen is visiting us again. We are looking forward to meeting them. We have planned our English lessons for the mornings and will be providing a mix of fun and educational activities in the afternoons.

Sommer in Irland - 2017

The Irish adventure has begun, the group of students will be enjoying one week of English classes followed by an amazing round trip along the Wild Atlantic Way. We're looking forward to lots of action and fun on the Emerald Island.
So the first day of English class was all about the Irish: their culture, traditions, music, people… their life!
We enjoyed the time with our host families very much, that was why the good byes didn’t come easy. We had breakfast once more, got our packed lunches and were brought to the bus stops, where we waited for the bus to arrive.


On Wednesday morning we got up early and after a quick breakfast at the hostel we were picked up by Michael, our bus driver, who brought us to the airport. The departure was delayed by 30 minutes, but eventually we were on our way back home to Austria. We had a great time will remember our time in Ireland fondly.
On Thursday our journey to the green island began. We had a long journey ahead of us, but we were so excited, that we didn’t mind the trip. We all gathered at the airport in Vienna and waited for the boarding of our flight to Dublin, the capital of Ireland.
On Thursday afternoon we were all excited to begin our journey to the green Island. We met everyone at the airport in Vienna and waited for the boarding of our flight. When the airplane left Austria we couldn’t wait to see what the country of rainbows, endless green fields and habitat of the leprechauns looked like.
The flight was so boring so we were so glad that the plane landed safely in Dublin after three hours. Half an hour later we drove to Carrigaline by bus. When we arrived there at 22:30, our host mother picked us up. After that we spoke a little bit with the host family members and then we went to bed.“
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