HTL Leoben II in Ireland

A second group from HTL Leoben has arrived - we wish them a pleasant stay in Carrigaline, Galway and Dublin!

GRG 21 Ödenburgerstraße

A sunny spring week in England lies ahead for our group from Vienna. We wish the students and staff from Ödenburgerstraße a great time here with us.

HTL Leoben enjoying Ireland

Another group of the HTL Leoben school is here - we wish them a lovely time in Carrigaline, Cork, West Ireland and Dublin! The sun has finally arrived and spring time is here, too!

GRG 16 Maroltingergasse

A week in England for 27 students and two staff from GRG 16 in Vienna. We wish them a very pleasant stay.
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AHS Bruck

An April week in England for the students and staff from AHS Bruck in Styria. We wish them great weather and an enjoyable time.

BORG Murau exploring Ireland

A group from BORG Murau is visiting us again! After English lessons and activities in Carrigaline and surroundings they will travel along the famous Wild Atlantic Way!
The second Semmering group is visiting us now - we are delighted to welcome them. We hope they will have a great time with spring being just around the corner!

HTL Wels - Studying in England

Our first group from Wels, and they are here in Seaford for a week. We wish them a lovely stay.

BORG 15 - Schulsprachreise Irland

We are delighted to welcome the Borg 15 group from Vienna. The group is lucky to stay in Ireland for the famous St. Patrick's Day celebrations in Dublin! Have fun!


Our first group of 2018 is a group from our long-standing friends at GRG 7 Kandlgasse.
A warm welcome back to one of our regular groups - Tourismusschulen Semmering. We wish the teachers and students a wonderful stay with us.
A group of students from Ella Lingens Gymnasium in Vienna is visiting us again! We are looking forward to meeting them. Hopefully a spring week with a lot of sunshine is ahead of us.
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